Co-working after Lockdown

We’re at an interesting point in time for co-working spaces. Since lockdown in NZ is over, will people prefer to stay home to work? I don’t think so. There’s a more optimistic view that matches what I’ve seen in the last 7 years I’ve spent running Kloud Collective in Taupo.

Fork in the road - get it?

1. Save money on leases

Businesses have redesigned themselves dramatically since lockdown to have their staff work as effectively as possible off-site. They have seen how effective this has been, and may now be wondering if their expensive office leases around the country are a necessary part of running their business in a post-Covid19 world. 

  • My staff are happy and productive off-site
  • We can cover some of their home/work expenses and still save money
  • Maintaining an office in town for everybody to travel to and work in seems unnecessary now

Co-working spaces provide a cost-effective means for teams to meet in person, brain-storm together, bring a social element back to a workplace. 

2. Finding focus while working

One of the repeated things I hear from co-working tenants is the elevation in mood and productivity they experience being back in a workplace, even just for a few days a week. 

A reason to get up, put real shoes on and travel to a place with an intention to “be at work” all contribute to this feeling of accomplishment and focus. Being around other busy people even for a couple of days a week is energising and empowering and you can’t get that working at home Mon-Fri.

You probably have a great home-office set up too, I certainly do, but having a destination, the act of traveling to a workplace and getting stuck in increases productivity across the board. Social interaction with other business-minded people from a diverse range of enterprises is stimulating and healthy too.

Co-working spaces are a vital hub for the growing community of people working away from a central office or starting out with their own business venture.

Co-working 2020-2022

After a month or two of getting used to how work looks now after lockdown, I think co-working spaces will kick back into high gear. Businesses and their staff are re-evaluating how best to work while enhancing productivity and well-being. Co-working spaces provide the environment to foster both these things.