Abundance at Work

Coffee & Fruit

All the hip workplaces these days have lounge areas and kitchens.

Oh, yours doesn’t? Sorry. Come and see me.

It’s important to have little luxuries – to sit on a nice couch with a fresh nectarine or wander around with a coffee in hand not only stimulates the brain but also provides a sense of abundance as opposed to scarcity. It’s a little thing that provides a major distinction in life – something that entrepreneurs grasp immediately.



Living with the thought of abundance alters how you view the world – even if it’s subconscious. A little bit of opulence if you like – it goes a long way! At Kloud Collective we have a fruit bowl, locally roasted coffee and other bits and bobs that encourage you to make yourself at home.

It’s a little gesture but one that creates the vibe of a great workspace.


Co-work for the win

If you live in Taupo and work for yourself, this amazing co-working space is on your door-step. Why don’t you drop in and see how it works for you?



We had a guy working from here for a few days last month while his new office got set up. He asked me today if he can still work a few days from here as he loves the interaction with other people and the buzz we have going. How cool is that?!

So if you’re in Taupo drop in and check us out:

Kloud Collective, 43 Horomatangi Street, Taupo (upstairs above Outdoor Attitude, opposite the Post Office).

Fruit and Coffee




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