Coworking opens in Taupo

We’re up and running!

IMG_20150703_142131Here’s a quick overview of our new coworking site in the heart of the Taupo CBD. For more info see our listing on SharedSpace.


Meeting Room

We’ve got a large meeting room available for hire which got it’s opening “trial by fire” with a group of lads doing a 24 hour gaming session earlier in the week.



No space is complete without a chill-out lounge area and our lovely green sofas (thank you Nicola @ Furniture Zone Taupo) are the perfect spot to sit and read or sip a coffee. Just ask our newest resident Christine from The Admin Company who has taken a shining to them.


A number of sharp eyes have spotted the Ingress map on the TV. Come and plan a mission in style! Clearly Enlightened have it too easy in Taupo and could do with a little Resistance.




IMG_20150703_150759Work it out

There’s plenty of space to get work done in one of two areas currently and possibly a third to open soon. There’s one you can see in the photo here, and another adjoining space which I’ve kept empty for now so I can get some feedback on what should go in there. I’m thinking standing desks (I work standing up a lot), but whether I fix a couple of heights around the wall or invest in some adjustable workspaces is up for decision right now!




We’re launching with $80 per week for a hot desk which includes 24/7 access, meeting room use, coffee, fruit and all the internet you can eat. Part time rates go from $50 a week and daily rates of $30 inc GST.

Drop in and say hi when you’re next in town!

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