Co-working in Taupo

We’re open! Check out our advert on SharedSpace.

CoworkingThe Kloud Collective in Taupo provides freelancers, entrepreneurs and travelling business people an environment in which they can thrive. Just turning up to work becomes a networking experience, and a range of rooms to work from means you can adapt, keep fresh and inspired no matter what you’re working on.


Old School

The old school model was work from home or rent an office. But (good) single offices are hard to find and then there’s all the overheads of power, internet, lease terms and landlords to manage. When all that is taken care of you can focus on bringing your ideas and projects to fruition without distraction and pressure. And when working alongside a variety of talented people, each an expert in their own fields, your work benefits from fresh and diverse viewpoints.


In practise

In my travels over the last couple of years I’ve come to love working in shared spaces. I’m actually less distracted and get more done than when I’m by myself. I meet interesting people without having to go out and set up meetings or events. Discussing projects with other people opens up new angles and ideas, so it’s good for business as well as the soul.

I’ve been working in Taupo for 4 years now, and have co-founded a couple of successful businesses from here. These businesses have their teams scattered around the world and we use technology to do our work and meet up regularly online. I bring my experience in this new model of working to the Kloud Collective.


Join Us

If you’d like to be part of this new business culture then get in touch. We’ll be opening in July 2015 in central Taupo. An affordable, all inclusive, monthly rent will be available. Call John on 0800 255 683 or email




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