Google Drive – Getting Started

Here’s a quick overview of how to

  • Find Google Drive
  • Create stuff
  • Deal with shared items


1. Getting into Google Drive


Getting into Google Drive

Once you’re logged into Google somewhere (e.g. Gmail) you’ll see the 9-square icon up the top right.

Click on that to bring down the list of other Google Apps

Select Drive

Alternatively you can visit to go directly to Google Drive







The New men

2. Creating new items

Once you’re in drive you’ll see the big red New button – click on that.

From there you can create folders, documents and spreadsheets (and a range of other apps you can add to Google Drive later).









 3. Finding Shared Items

One reason you might be getting into Google Drive is to retrieve a document or folder someone has already shared with you.

You can find these under the “Incoming” folder – but it’s best to move these under “My Drive” so you can put them alongside your own



The Incoming folder











Click the Incoming folder and you’ll see a list of items that have been shared with you.


To add one of these to My Drive simply right-click the file or folder you want, and select “Add to My Drive”.

Click OK or select a folder you’d like to move it into.














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