Tricket – Book a Ride with Vend

Kloud has developed a web app which allows a retailer to book seats for a show or a ride. The clever bit is that it backs directly into Vend – the cloud-based Point of Sale system so you don’t need separate systems for selling tickets and selling stock items.

At this stage Tricket is in development, but actively being used by Rafting New Zealand in their store in Taupo, New Zealand. They have two cinemas showing a 3D movie with a motion platform simulating what it’s like to ride down various rivers in the Tongariro region.

Interested in getting your shop onto Tricket?  We’d love to work with you to extend this software!

Call 0800 255 683 (or +64 21 465 769 from outside New Zealand) or fill in our contact page.


Screen shots from the video

Tricket choose a time slot

Choose a time slot

Choose ticket types

Choose ticket types

Send sale to Vend

Send sale to Vend

Sale in Vend



About Tricket

Tricket is written in Python, using the Pyramid framework. It is currently deployed via AppFog to an Amazon web service.


  • JQuery
  • Python
  • Pyramid Web Application Framework